Veterans MX is an entirely new kind of program for veterans: 

Your donation goes directly to providing resources to Veteran support and programs as well as training, races, etc. 


PURPOSE Veteran Motocross Foundation is a joint lifestyle enrichment and recovery solution. We empower veterans struggling with the physical and mental scars of service to leverage the benefits of motocross. While tapping into the thrill seeking personality that makes our service men and women so brave in combat, VetMX instructors leverage the process of teaching a new skill to arm vets with the physical and mental discipline and prowess required to effectively heal, recover, and re-assimilate.


Race to the Finish Line

Members support each other’s motocross skills development, whether to leverage the therapeutic benefits of motocross riding or to compete in competitive motocross events. As a body of members, we all serve each other through community development, motocross skills development, and by collaborating with sponsors to improve accessibility to the sport of motocross. Each member is encouraged to become a future coach or champion.